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Great game. Brillant! I'm having trouble with too many sprites, when building my fighting WebGL game. What's the secrete to uploading lots of sprites?   


This game is AMAZING! keep up with the good work

Thank you so much! :)

why can't we claim this game?


This is awesome! Love the characters design. Sound effect and combo effect are so good! Controlling with keyboard is a bit confusing at first, maybe add an option where you can change the key binding. Overall this is pretty much great!

Thank you for playing, it looks like you had fun!



Thank you for playing :)


Nice visuals : )

Thank you :)


awesome character design!, I hope this takes off, I'm not expert or anything, but you might wanna bet to export this in switch too, this is kind of game that could be potentially explode in a day there, just add more characters and you're done.

Thank you! Yes that would really great to get it on Switch. But I want to do a really cool single player mode as well before it releases.

yes, you should invest on them too by atleast putting a backstory comic like style, just a brief story of who they are and what they're about, even just a single page is good to introduce the player the character their playing, and just post in every platform you have, I'm pretty sure this will blow!, goodluck to you!


This game is very cool looking. I am having issue with movement however. both wasd and gamepad, I can't move. I can attack but I stay standing still.

Hi Thank you for playing.
I suck at making walkcycles so you can only move by jumping. Jump button is A on xbox controller and B on WASD Keyboard.

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walk cycles are a pain the rear. but you did so good with the other anims. much better than i can do!


Nice demo, guys! but please, you should control the flashing lights because, while we're playing, It distracted us. Otherwise, you can be calm. It is a path where you'll improve the elements safetly. Bye, bye!

Hi are you selling source code i wrote you on youtube as well email me answer here


There's a lot to like, but damn you NEED to tone down the flashing lights. I'm not particularly photosensitive, but I found it legitimately hard to look at during certain combos nonetheless. This could actually be a big problem in some cases as flashing lights can trigger seizures for certain people. Not trying to be negative; I just see the potential for a fun game here, and I don't want it to get bogged down by something like this.

Thank you for playing.

It is a very valid critic.

I have in the backlog that I need an option to turn off, especially the flashes from deadpans special.

Is it in general you feel it is too much? Should I make a screen shake option as well?

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love it

Thank you for playing!


Really fun. I love the visuals and effects. 

Thank you :)


Really fun! Loved the art style and animation!

thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Finally a game where pressing "B" means "bus".

Loved it. Art style, animations, and premise are all so awesome.

If you could make Jump  "up" instead of a button press it'd be easier to translate movement from other fighting games.

thank you!! 

Yes I think I'll make that an option.


Hey! I found your game through Reddit, and the game is pretty cool!

The graphics are nice and polished, I like the retro style you went with! 

The controls needed getting used to as I instinctively wanted my character to move through WASD, but once I got the hang of it was satisfying and easy to make combos with. The feedback with each hit was spot on. 

As someone who doesn't bother with learning combos in fighting games, the combat made me feel like a pro. I also suggest having some text to accompany what the character is doing in the How To Play section and make it clear to the player that they aren't the one controlling the character on screen. (I was that player)

Each character was pretty fun to play, especially with their power moves. But I felt like there were some powers that were overpowered and irritating to deal with. (I'm looking at Christie's and Bear's chain powers) It's probably just because I'm not that good at anticipating their moves.

As for the character designs, Deadpan and Bear didn't feel like a part of the same universe as Orwell and Christe, but I still liked their designs.  

Also, having Bear be bigger than the rest might be a reason why I felt it was more powerful than other characters. That could be why we see similarly sized characters in fighting games, but I don't think sizing Bear down will help its overall design of being big and scary as their proportions will become wacky. (and it won't help their self-esteem either)

Overall, it's a solid demo, and I'm looking forward to the new content you put out!

P.S. I'm currently experiencing a bug where I can't select anyone in the selection screen and as there isn't a way to go back to the menu, I tried reloading the page with no luck. It's weird because I didn't have this problem when first playing the web-version of the game. When I downloaded the game, it seemed to have the same issue.

Thank you for playing!
You should be able to use WASD, if you press B in the Character select screen.
The game most diffidently needs balancing so I'm really happy you took your time to write some feedback. I'll look into what I can do with Deadpan and Bear.
I'll look into to that bug, might have an idea of what it could be.
Thank you for your feedback.



I think I know what was happening with the "bug" I was experiencing. When I was using WASD, I could use B for selecting. But, when I was trying to play after that session, I used the arrow keys, where B isn't the button to select the character. 

It does make sense when you are playing with another person locally, and it is mentioned in the controls, but when playing alone, maybe the B, G, Y, and H keys should be compatible with the arrow keys too.

Ahh that makes sense. I'll try and make it more clear :) Maybe make it possible to map button on the keyboard.