Devlog 3 - March. 20th. 2022 NEW DEMO! Survival Mode

Survival Mode:

It is finally here! The first version of SURVIVAL MODE.

The rules are simple.

  • You fight one round against a random fighter
  • If you win you get the option to either.
    • Keep Yellows collected
    • Keep Reds collected
    • Keep Supers earned
    • Or add 30% to you health
  • The difficulty scales each fight

How many wins can you get?

In survival mode you can fight the new fighter Dough and Mom.

There are also a few more arenas to see.

Dough and Mom:

This new fighter is amazing.

Right now he is only available to fight against in survival mode.

If you want to fight as Dough yourself you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Go wishlist the game on steam.


New Controls:

There were some problems with registering input for Keyboard Player 2.

So I’ve changed the buttons a bit.

Player 1 Keyboard

  • WASD to control direction
  • B i Jump and In-Air-Attack
  • G is Power One
  • Y is Power Two

Player 2 Keyboard 

  • Arrow Keys to control direction
  • M is Jump and In-Air-Attack
  • , is Power One
  • . is Power Two
  • - Is SPECIAL

Gem Fighter:

The game has changed a lot and now you can finally try it for yourself. so I’ll add the rules here again if you didn’t read the last devlog.

The New Rules of The Game:

Heavily inspired by the Gem system in puzzle fighter mini mix.

The Mutagens:

A successful hit might spawn a mutagen.

Each fighter can now upgrade special attacks by collecting Mutagens, red or yellow.

Each fighter can upgrade each super 2 times.

This means Orwell’s fireball can be upgraded to a bigger fireball (level 2) and if you collect even more to a laser attack.

The Pizza:

You can now collect pizza and gain a little health back.

No web build anymore

Yeah I'm sorry but the new AI I wrote won't work with web builds, so download only from now on.


Mar 20, 2022

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