Devlog 4 - Web player is back Version 0.75

New movement:

You can now walk!
How great is that?
With this a lot has changed. All attack animations had to be retimed and balanced.
Jump had to be remade and overall speed of fighters had to go through some testing.

I really hope you like it. The game feels a lot better now.

NEW FIGHTER Dough and Mom:

Dough is now playable.
Dough is a karate dog, but all the special moves are performed by his owner. 


The in game UI now has fighter names.
There is now a presentation animation when a match begins.


New tutorial with the new movement controls.


With the new movement system a new AI was needed.
I might write more about this later on since it was really fun to make.

Overall graphical improvements:

Screen resolution is now “fake” locked.
Lighting and Arena pass.

Bugs Resolved:

  • Check special images
    • Christie
  • Completing single player then selecting a fighter.
  • Timeout bug
  • Too Fast in air attack
  • Go forward through walls
  • Fixed Orwells Fireball
  • Web build works again

I think this update concludes my tweaking “Look and Feel” of the game.

And I can now move on to create the “City map” story mode. + Even more fighters!! 

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Apr 24, 2022
Apr 24, 2022

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