Devlog 5 - May. 19th. 2022 - Story Mode RogueLite

Story Mode:

I finally started working on what I think will be the main game.

In short the mode is:

  • A story mode where you explore a map.
  • Complete fights or Challenges to earn fame.
  • Fame gains you access to tournaments.
  • When you win tournaments you unlock new Characters or Maps.

Fame, Coins, Buffs and Permanents:

The economies needed for this to be fun are Coins and Fame.

A Coin works like a “continue” so if all your fighters fall you can use a coin to revive one of them. 

Fame is a level system. After each fight you gain points the points are converted into fame points (I do this so you can have a Buff that gives you “x2 fame” and then doubles your point to fame conversion rate). You will x amount of Fame points to get the next Fame Level.

Buffs are buffs :) You can assign up to three at the time to a fighter.

They trigger  by themselves when the fight is happening and have a certain amount of times they can be used.

Permanents are buffs that you assign and can’t remove again. They alter base damage, base health etc.

Auto fighting and AI:

Since AI vs AI fighting has been so much fun to work on. I watch a few fights every day.

I also added an “Auto Fight” option to this mode.

I don’t know if it will be in for the final version but for now I enjoy prepping my fighters and watching them fight.

That’s all for now, no new demo yet but I hope you enjoyed the small update.

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